Is HVAC Maintenance Worth It?

Is HVAC Maintenance Worth It?

“Is HVAC check-up worth it?” Absolutely!

The experts of Quarter Moon suggest servicing your home air conditioning bi-annually, once in the spring and again before the fall. If you haven’t had your A/C unit checked this year, now is the time to do some “housekeeping” to your air conditioning system. This affordably-priced service spares you from having more expensive headaches down the road.

Often times, homeowners don’t acknowledge the importance of HVAC maintenance until their unit stops functioning properly, often at the peak of the summer. An HVAC unit can best be compared to your vehicle — the more mileage on the car will eventually lead up to “wear and tear,” and just like your A/C unit it is a complex appliance needing the same attention. Your HVAC unit is full of diagnostic features and moving components that don’t operate at its best when neglected and worn down.

Benefits of routine HVAC maintenance:


1. Find Potential Issues Early On

Technicians inspect your HVAC system for potential problems that could cause unit failure, such as locating the “wear and tear” and fixing any extensive damage.

An inspection is necessary to identify refrigerant leaks, which are most common in the summer months and can happen due to the age of the system. The metal coils can wear over time and eventually develop holes or create cracks that circulate the refrigerant, causing your A/C Freon to leak.

2. All HVAC Parts Examined

Expect your compressor oil to be checked and the condenser coil to be cleaned. For those wondering about the A/C compressor component, it is located in the outside air conditioning that corresponds with the indoor A/C unit. The compressor circulates the refrigerant necessary for heat exchange through the coils of the indoor and outdoor unit, and also applies the energy to the refrigerant. When the air conditioning provides cool air it undergoes a great deal of stress during the hot months of Texas and can create the compressor to malfunction if worn down and not checked out by HVAC experts.

The technician will check all electrical parts and examine the voltage and amperage of the connections. Analyze the operation of the blower belt and the motor to see if it needs replacing. They will also replace or clean standard air filters.

3. Ensure Your AC Is Energy-Efficient

Examine the condensate drain and clean out any mold or algae built up — this is a great way to avoid musty odors and water damage inside the home. Check the quality of the system operation and ensure your unit is running properly at its optimal efficiency. When your A/C uses less energy to cool, it allows you to save money on your utility bill.

A well-maintained HVAC system lasts longer and will allow you to get more years of service of your current unit in place. Replacing your HVAC unit will be expensive if it continues to be neglected by not scheduling a priority maintenance check-up. Quarter Moon Plumbing, A/C and Heating offers a variety of financing options and payment plans when it comes to your family’s needs, such as annual parts warranty, bi-annual tune-ups, priority service, and transferable coverage. Are you located in San Antonio and the surrounding hill country and in need of services? Call to schedule a maintenance check-up is simple and if you have an emergency we have a 24-hour emergency hotline available 7 days a week.