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How to Save Money on your Energy Bill During the Summer

When temperatures rise in the summer, so can your energy bill. Summer days are here and one of the most common ways to stay cool during the summer is cranking up the A/C in your home. While this may keep you cool indoors, it can also add up on your energy bill. To save you money, we’ve compiled a list of different ways to save energy so you don’t get stuck with a bill that is off the charts!

Tips on How to Save on Your Energy Bill in Summer

One of the first is to ensure your A/C has been checked and maintained often. If you aren’t sure when you checked your a/c last, call the experts at Quarter Moon Plumbing, AC & Heating for an inspection today!

Keep Your A/C Running Efficiently

The best way to make sure your A/C is in tip-top shape is to check the filter for any clogs and check if it needs to be replaced with a new one. You can save anywhere from 5 to 15 percent in energy consumption just by clearing a clogged A/C unit filter. Checking the filter regularly can also save a significant amount of money on replacement parts and ensure that your unit runs properly for a longer period of time.

Unplug Devices

You may think that the chargers that are plugged into the wall aren’t wasting any energy if they aren’t being used, but this isn’t accurate. Leaving devices plugged in, even if they aren’t in use, continue to consume energy. Another way to save on your energy bill is by unplugging any device that isn’t being in use. The most common devices can be chargers, lamps, televisions, and other electronics around the house. Take the time to unplug these devices while not in use. This can help lower the energy that is being consumed in your home, thus saving you money. Get rid of those energy vampires!

Adjust the Thermostat

One of the inclinations some of us may have during hot summer days is pressing the down arrow on the control panel for your thermostat to cool your home. While this will keep you really cool in the short run, it can actually maximize your energy bill. While South Texas is known for its hot summer days, it is best to keep your thermostat to a temperature that will keep you just cool enough.

Use Fans Instead of Your A/C

While fans don’t blow cool air, they do pull the heat away from your skin. Fans are a great way to save energy and they can be used in conjunction with air conditioning. Using both a fan and A/C can help raise your thermostat a few degrees while still keeping you comfortable. Ceiling fans also only use about 1/60th the energy of an air conditioner, which can save you a lot of money.

Close the Blinds!

One of the best ways to keep your home cool is by closing window shades so heat doesn’t come inside. Closing the blinds can provide a cooler atmosphere and can also keep you from lowering the thermostat as much.

QMP Can Help You Save on Your Energy This Summer

There are many ways to save on your energy bill this summer. But, the best way is to make sure you are performing regular maintenance on your A/C unit. You don’t want to get stuck with an A/C issue when it’s too late! Forcing you to pay out of pocket for repairs and possibly replacement parts. Call our professionals at Quarter Moon Plumbing, AC & Heating to do an inspection on your HVAC system today! Our friendly staff is around to give you the best service.