Air Conditioning unit outside a building

Most Common Air Conditioning Emergencies

Summer is fast approaching and with South Texas climates nearing 90 degrees, you’ll want to make sure your air conditioning (AC) system is ready for the hot summer days ahead. AC systems have various components that work together to keep your home comfortable. Proper maintenance for your AC is the key to keeping your family cool this summer. Luckily, it is one of the many services we offer at Quarter Moon Plumbing, AC & Heating!

Avoiding regular AC maintenance will cause low-performing units or units that don’t work at all. Below is a list of the most common air conditioning emergencies and how to prevent them. If you have any questions regarding your AC system, call the experts at Quarter Moon Plumbing, AC & Heating.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are the most dangerous air conditioning emergencies. Bad smells and the sound of hissing are signs of a potential gas leak.  A gas leak can potentially put you and your family in danger as it can cause an explosion if not caught on time. If you find any of the signs associated with a gas leak, call your local AC professional immediately.

Clogged Lines

A drain line drains out condensation collected during the cooling period of your AC unit. It’s possible for water to accumulate due to the condensation that occurs during the air conditioning process and may result in a clogged line. When a line is clogged, it can cause major water damage if it is not fixed or checked on time. Inspecting the areas around your indoor unit or inspecting your drain pans can help you stay on top of a potential clog. Some signs to look for include mold or rust near the unit, water leaking from the indoor unit, or dampness in the air.

Electrical Problems

If you find your system is not running, there could be an electrical problem with your AC. Some signs to look out for include your system running continuously, the system not turning on, or a burning smell. A common cause could be the contactor, which is a small device that controls the electrical flow. The air conditioning contactor may not shut off when it needs to. This would make the system keep running or make the contactor become worn out, which may cause electrical connections to fail. Prevent these issues with routine maintenance on your electrical components or by switching out any damaged or worn-out parts.

Ventilation Problems

The most common ventilation problems can be found in the air ducts. If obstructions are preventing the flow of air in the air ducts, this could prevent cool air from distributing evenly around your home. Some signs to look out for are poor air quality around your home, uneven temperatures, or your unit running longer than usual. There are some common causes of obstruction in the air ducts, such as loose or fallen insulation and dirt. Before you turn on your system, you should check for any obstructions. Then, perform a sight check to make sure the vents are clear of debris.

Contact QMP For Any Air Conditioning Emergencies

Your AC system makes your home comfortable to live in year-round and should be regularly checked and maintained to ensure optimal performance. If you suspect your AC system is not working properly or would like a checkup to make sure everything is working properly, call the experts at Quarter Moon Plumbing, AC & Heating. Our team is ready to serve all your AC and plumbing needs with a helpful attitude. Call us today at (210) 651-5899.