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Why Does My Water Bill Increase During the Winter?

Does your water bill increase as the season transitions into winter? That’s because major weather changes can be harsh on your system, so here are some tips to help keep that bill low. First and foremost, before any season change, schedule a system check up with Quarter Moon Plumbing AC and Heating.

Here are 3 reasons why you may be seeing a spike in water bill during the winter months.

1. Home Winterization

It is crucial to winterize your home in preparation for the winter months; however, in doing so comes with additional expenses. For instance, one tactic when preparing for a freeze is to drip all faucets. To properly drip faucets you’ll need to turn on the hot water valve as well as the cold water valve of your faucets to allow a small, steady stream of water to keep a constant water flow
through the pipes. It is also recommended to open bathroom cabinets to allow the warm air from the heating system to keep the pipes warm. Another winterization tactic is to wrap all exterior hose bibs and all exposed piping above ground to prevent pipes from freezing.

If your pipes do burst during these winter months, Quarter Moon Plumbing, AC and Heating will
be there to repair the damages.

2. The Holiday Season

It might be the most wonderful time of year, but your water bill could be saying something different. The holiday season may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you see an increase in your water bill. Not only are the kids home for winter break, but family and/or friends are staying over. No matter how big or small the party, individuals outside household residents can have a drastic effect on your water bill. Thus, an increase in guests means an increase in water usage.

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3. Seasonal Habits

Everyone’s number one goal during the winter months is to keep warm. We may indulge in a hot bath or use hot tubs to stay warm instead of wrapping ourselves in blankets. Despite these hot jacuzzis keeping you warm, it’s easy to forget that filling a bathtub or hot tub will result in a higher water bill.

Stay proactive and budget for potential increases in water usage during the winter. If you notice any issues or want to be prepared, contact the professionals at Quarter Moon Plumbing, AC and Heating for help.