5 Main Causes of a Clogged Toilet

It might be embarrassing, but everyone has experienced the struggle of a clogged toilet. What’s the reason for this all-too-awkward issue? No, it’s not just you! There are many plumbing issues that could be the cause of a commonly clogged toilet. Learn about the 5 main reasons toilets get clogged and solutions to avoid the headache!

Be careful what you flush and how much!

Avoid flushing small or fiddly items like q-tips or cotton swabs, cotton balls, feminine products, baby wipes, and hard objects. All of these items are denser than toilet paper and unable to dissolve. Flushable wipes are not flushable and can have a long-term impact on your pipes. Just because you CAN flush it doesn’t mean you SHOULD flush it. Toilet paper is made with fibers that are meant to disintegrate more quickly than wipes or paper towels in water, but using too much can create the same effect and contribute to a backup.


Keep the toilet lid shut!

Often, plumbers are called because small everyday objects fall into the toilet by accident. Common bathroom items are likely to fall into the toilet if left open, such as toothbrushes, combs, or other toys. As these items are not meant to dissolve in water at all, they can quickly create a problem, and one that is much harder to fix without the assistance of a plumber.

Do you have an old toilet?

If you find that you’re doing everything right but you’re still struggling with an often-clogged toilet, your plumbing might need to be replaced. Older-generation toilets can be problematic due to their low-flush nature, and their lower water pressure doesn’t always have the power to push waste down the drain effectively. Toilets installed in the mid-to-late 90s often have this problem.

Check for issues with the main sewer line.

The pipes themselves can also be the cause of clogged toilets. If your drain line is on the older side, it is more common for regular waste and non-flushable items to accumulate. Be careful of this issue, because when the main sewer line gets clogged, multiple toilets in the house could become clogged at once. If this occurs, it is important to call a plumber at once to resolve the issue. Older pipework is also more likely to collapse.Watch out for sediment backwash in the toilets, as this is a sign that pipes need to be replaced

Consider hard water concerns.

One lesser-known cause of toilet clogging is mineral buildup from hard water. If too much hard water runs through pipes, its minerals will calcify over time and form a white substance that lessens the open space for waste to pass through. This calcified buildup is difficult to remove and often requires the assistance of a plumber. One way to get ahead of an issue like this is to install a water softener. This device that will treat your water before it enters the toilet. It softens the minerals in the water and reduces instances of calcification.

Don’t forget to call your plumber!

If you have questions about your toilet or need to replace old pipes or fix a clogged toilet, you can call Quarter Moon Plumbing, AC and Heating to take care of the issue and provide more information about best practices! Life’s emergencies don’t always happen during business hours Need immediate assistance? Call us at (210) 651-5899 for our 24/7 emergency hotline.