floorboards removed to show a slab leak

Do I Have a Slab Leak? 4 Signs You Have a Slab Leak

A home that is built on concrete foundation has a higher chance of a slab leak. Concrete is susceptible to cracking with any land shifting, which can then pressure underground plumbing. When a pipe bursts, it will start to leak water depending on the size of the pipe tear.

How common are slab leaks?

There are many factors to consider that can affect slab foundations, but the environment plays a large part. Due to long drought seasons followed by sudden rain showers, the soil can significantly shift, causing cracks in a home’s slab foundation. While older homes with older pipes are particularly prone to slab leaks, any home can be affected by drastic pressures to the foundation.

What causes a slab leak?

Most of the time, slab leaks can go unnoticed by homeowners. A pipe may burst anytime and begin to leak water into the surrounding soil. The soil will then begin to shift, compromising the overall foundation of the home as the concrete cracks. Once a home’s concrete cracks, water leakage becomes noticeable and the damage more expensive.

Identifying slab leaks

Floor damage

Dome-shaped warps or raising in your flooring are a clear indication of a leak. Linoleum or cork floors can show this type of damage more than tile. It’s important to call a technician as soon as this sign shows up because significant damage may occur if left unattended.

Water pooling

Slab leaks can lead to water pooling around the house or in a specific area. Watch out for pools of water that continue to accumulate after drying. If there are various warm spots of water around the house, there’s a good chance the hot water is leaking.

Low water pressure and bill spikes

Slab leaks often come with lower water pressure and higher water bills. If any of these begin to occur, especially at the same time, then it’s time to call out a professional plumber to fully inspect your home’s foundation.

Detect a slab leak early

While slab leaks don’t appear urgent at first, it is crucial to call a professional plumber to diagnose the problem properly. This helps to detect the possibility of a slab leak and its stage of development before leaving behind severe damage to your home. There are several options for repair depending on the home structure. Some cases may require digging down to the origin of the leak. Depending on the severity of the problem, a home’s pipe system may not need re-piping. Rerouting pipes is another and less expensive option.

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