frozen pipe in the winter

Don’t Be Caught Off Guard! Avoid The Most Common Winter Plumbing Issues

The winter season is officially here! As unpredictable as Texas weather may be, don’t let it catch you off-guard by the next freeze. If you start to suspect heating or plumbing issues, avoid waiting until the problem worsens and becomes more expensive. Save yourself a headache by scheduling routine maintenance.

Your New Year’s resolution list can also include creating a home maintenance schedule. What are the most common issues during the winter for plumbing and HVAC? We’ll cover that in this blog so you can avoid these common winter plumbing issues and nightmares.

Consider these factors when making your New Year’s resolution list for plumbing and HVAC maintenance

Frosted, frozen outdoor pipes

Frosted pipes may look harmless, but they can be a warning sign for unforeseen property damage. When the temperature suddenly drops, any exposed pipe outside can suddenly freeze and burst. The unpredictable Texas weather can have a harsh effect on your exterior pipes. Alongside the pressure caused by water valves, a burst pipe can cause severe damage to the surrounding area while adding high repair costs.

Even a partially exposed pipe with a leak can spread throughout the rest of the pipe system. Pressure can back up into other lines and begin leaking into interior parts of a home or living space. Prevention is the first step to avoiding frozen and burst pipes. Before significant temperature drops, be sure to insulate exterior pipes and have the water on a slow drip. If a pipe bursts, call a plumbing expert like Quarter Moon to assess the problem quickly.

A dying heater

A lack of hot water is the last of the common winter plumbing issues you want! Water heaters begin ramping up as soon as the first cold fronts start and remain working overtime during the winter season. If your water heater begins to fail during winter, start by checking off the following:

1. Thermostat limit switch

Water heaters have a thermostat that keeps the temperature in check if it gets too hot. Often, water heaters trip if it gets too hot, which needs to be reset in order to get it working again. If your water heater loses power repeatedly, there’s likely a problem that should be addressed by a professional plumber.

2. Electrical power or gas supply

Check to see if any of these supplies is faltering if your water heater stops working. Water heaters have a lifespan of about 6-12 years.

Clogged furnace air filters

We know air filter maintenance is frequently stressed when it comes to the overall maintenance of your HVAC system. This is one of the most important parts of keeping your HVAC airflow clean and healthy. Keep air filters clean or replace them every month, to preserve the system’s lifespan. It will also help avoid health issues, such as allergies. Dirty air filters primarily can start to erode the overall performance and efficiency of an HVAC system.

Uneven airflow

Have you ever walked into two separate rooms where one is colder than the other? This is noticeable in two-story homes. Hot air rises and can appear to be unevenly distributed after turning on the heater. There could be several reasons for this. The first thing to check is whether your home has a draft somewhere that could be causing uneven temperatures. If no drafts are identified, then your HVAC may need to be balanced which can be performed by a technician.

This step can help keep your energy bill from spiking during the winter season. Insufficient insulation can also cause warm air inconsistencies throughout your home. Because the attic tends to be the hottest area, make sure yours is properly insulated to avoid hot air from becoming entirely trapped in the upstairs areas. Check to see that all air vents are open and unobstructed for proper airflow as well.

A professional inspection by an HVAC technician can help detect all of this and set you up with a maintenance plan. Finally, they can assure whether your HVAC unit is the proper size for your home. Units that are too large can shut off earlier, which will insufficiently warm or cool parts of a home. An improperly small unit will instead use extra power for longer periods of time to fully reach the desired temperature.

Make sure you are ready for the next unexpected snowstorm!

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