Check for air leaks in the winter

Home Maintenance Tips for The Winter

When the summer comes to an end it’s very important to prioritize winter plumbing and maintenance for your home. During those colder months, plumbing and filter maintenance are essential.

Imagine this: It’s four days before Christmas and you’re enjoying a lovely winter evening with your friends and loved ones. You return home and realize that your living room feels like a Yeti cooler, but the thermostat is set to 74°F and there’s been no alteration to it. There are five major actions homeowners can take to ensure they have proper plumbing in place to ensure a comfortable, cozy Christmas and avoid coming home to their own personal winter wonderland.

QMP’S Winter Plumbing Tips

Change Your Air Filters

Air filters around the home affect the quality of the air being circulated throughout. However, by not providing the proper maintenance and allowing the filters to get dirty can negatively impact the efficiency of your air system. Replacing air filters every three months (or six to twelve for vacationers) maintains high heating throughout the winter season and increases the system’s lifespan.

Change air filters during the winter


Flush and Insulate Water Heaters

Water heaters should be flushed every six months. The best time to start the flushing process is right before the weather starts getting cold in your area, which – for us in South Texas – is typically towards the end of November. To protect the water heater and save on fuel, wrap the water heater with an insulated blanket and set the temperature to 120 degrees.

Insulate Hot-Water Pipes

Exposed pipes happen very often and can cause unnecessary winter plumbing issues. One common issue is the cooling of warm water flowing through the exposed pipes while traveling to your home. To combat this issue, place foam sleeves around the exposed pipes to allow the flowing water to stay warm. This could also prevent pipes from bursting while the home is unoccupied.

Seal Air Leaks

Over time, door and window seals will experience normal wear and tear and may need to be replaced if enough time goes by. To prepare for the winter weather, it is crucial to check for air leaks around the home. Some jobs may require weather stripping, caulking, or additional insulation. This will ensure that no heat escapes, no cool air is allowed in, and outside critters will remain outside (they’d like to escape the cold as well).

Bonus Quarter Moon tip: To find an air leak, listen for whistles near doors and windows or place a small flame near the seals. If you hear whistling from the wind or the flame extinguishes, you’ve found the leak.

Check for air leaks in the winter

Inspect Your Home’s Heating and Air Conditioning System

Before the weather turns cold, have your HVAC system inspected by a reputable HVAC contractor. Regularly servicing your furnace helps you catch problems before expensive breakdowns, prolong the furnace’s life, and keep it running more efficiently.

QMP Can Help You Avoid Winter Plumbing Disasters

QMP offers 24/7 services that can help you prepare your home before winter comes to South Texas. From HVAC to plumbing to new construction we can ready you for that winter chill before it’s too late. Contact us now!