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How to Keep Your HVAC Running Efficiently During the Fall

When we think of the Fall season, we think of the cool autumn breeze and leaves falling. However, the weather changing during this time also means more maintenance for your HVAC to help it perform efficiently and safely.

Let these tips serve as a reminder to prepare before the fall season begins and ensure your overall comfort at home!

Clean your outdoor condenser unit of leaves or debris.

For maximum efficiency, your outdoor unit, called a condenser, needs space to perform well. If your unit is exposed on the roof, it’s easier for fallen tree leaves and other debris to pile up and surround the system making it work harder. This can also make a fire hazard if not removed over time. The more debris surrounds the unit, the more energy it will consume risking a shorter life span for the condenser. Plus, no one likes to see a large utility bill by the end of the month. To avoid a large bill and help with efficiency, remove debris.

Replace the filter, check and clean the vents.

One of the most important parts of properly maintaining a well-functioning HVAC system is keeping all filters clean, or replacing them when needed. Filters can trap pet dander, fur, dust, and allergen particles, but dirty filters can also become a trap for a smooth flow of air. Think of your HVAC system as the lungs of the house that help you live a comfortable life. Besides keeping air filters clean or replaced, air vents should never be closed. If vents are closed, the back flow of air puts pressure on the system’s ducts and forces the air to escape through unconditioned zones. Leaks can begin to form soon after. Be sure to check that all room vent registers are open.

Always program your thermostat with a change of season.

If you have a programmable thermostat, then program it according to the change in seasonal weather. A programmable thermostat can certainly help to regulate the temperature of your home and help conserve energy.

Consider replacing an old thermostat with a programmable one. The great benefit of a programmable thermostat is being able to control the settings from your phone. According to, you can save with a strategized plan to keep the thermostat back between 7-10℉ for about eight hours a day from its usual setting. This could be 68℉ during colder seasons and keeping the thermostat between 75 to 77℉ during the summer. Keeping the thermostat set to where there is a small difference between the exterior and interior temperatures will help save money on future bills.

Keep HVAC clean and hire a professional.

Similar to a car, you should get your HVAC maintenance regularly. By doing HVAC maintenance at least twice a year, you avoid costly repairs in the future. Even though you can handle most of the standard HVAC maintenance tasks on your own, your HVAC system is rather complex, and some issues might not be apparent to you. In the same breath, there are more nuanced checks that need to be done occasionally, such as checking for the proper functioning of electric components and ductwork.

It’s a good idea to call a professional for HVAC maintenance. If your system is new you can probably get away with having someone come just once a year or every other year. For older systems, plan to have professional maintenance performed twice a year—in the spring and then again in the fall.

Insulate the attic, check the window and door sealing.

Once the weather begins to cool down, insulating the attic will help keep the warm air from escaping. Warm air rises, so keeping the attic well insulated allows for an even distribution of warm air. Proper window and door sealing are often overlooked, but also scheduling an appointment for inspection on sealing can help prevent energy leaks during any season.

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