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Plumbing Tips for New Homeowners

Moving into a new home? Congratulations! While this is a special and exciting time in your life, being a homeowner means you are now in charge of all of your homes’ systems –including the plumbing. While it seems to be more fun to learn how to change your kitchen’s backsplash or install new flooring, learning the basics of plumbing can save you time and money and is also an essential part of being a homeowner.

If you’re a new homeowner and want to learn some tips about plumbing, Quarter Moon Plumbing, AC & Heating has 5 essential tips to look out for when moving into your new home.

Locate the Main Shut Off Valve

When you first move into your home, you should have an inspection done with a follow-up report. In that report, you will find where your main shut-off valve is located in your home. Every home is different and the location of this water valve can vary. ]From being under your kitchen sink to being placed in your basement, not all homes are the same. The inspection report should tell you where yours is. This is especially important if you have a water emergency and are waiting for a plumber to arrive. Knowing where the main shut-off valve is can save you a lot of damage to your home.

Watch What You Pour Down the Drain

Whether you have a garbage disposal or regular sink, knowing what to avoid throwing down the drain is beneficial for clog prevention. Having a garbage disposal can be convenient but there are certain things that can potentially damage the drain. Grease, fat, and oils can clog the drain once it solidifies. Other things include starchy vegetables (such as celery, kale, and lettuce), rough bones (recommended to only throw fish bones), pasta, rice, and non-food items that should be kept away from drains.

Get to Know Your Water Heater

This is particularly important if you’re moving into a pre-owned home or a home that was built some years back. Get informed if your water heater is a standard model or a tankless heater. This will help with knowing the appropriate maintenance. You should know the age and condition of the current water heater. QMP also recommends having your water heater drained once a year.

How to Clear a Slow Drain

One beneficial skill to learn as a new homeowner is how to clear a slow drain. A slow drain is usually caused by an obstruction inside the drain. While some clogs are easily visible, some may be hidden deep in your drain and would require a tool, like a plumbing snake. To learn more about how to correctly use a plumbing snake, read our blog about it here.

Find Your Go-To Plumber and Get an Inspection

There is a lot to know about plumbing as a first-time homeowner and while there are some plumbing issues that can be DIY fixes, it’s good to have a go-to plumber or plumbing company that you can call in times of need. At Quarter Moon Plumbing, AC & Heating, we don’t only help you detect plumbing issues and can assure that your plumbing system is at tip-top shape, we can also help with any A/C questions you have. For all your plumbing and A/C questions, contact the experts today at (210)-651-5899.