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Prevent Costly HVAC Repairs with these Maintenance Tips

We all depend on our HVAC system to keep us cool during the summer and warm during the winter. With a machine that works,  365 days a year it’s important to keep in mind how much work it has to do to maintain the climate in your home. As we roll into summer weather, you want to make sure that your ac unit is ready for the Texas heat. One of the most important steps to take to ensure your ac is working at its best is to schedule a regular maintenance check every spring and fall.

Keeping your unit maintained can help you prevent costly HVAC repairs in the long run. Something as simple as replacing the air filter every month, can help save you time and money on repairs. It is recommended to have your HVAC systems checked at least once a year. If you’re due for a routine maintenance check, call your friends at Quarter Moon Plumbing & AC! Below are tips you can do to keep your HVAC systems in check to avoid ac repairs.

Check and Clean the Filters

One of the most common HVAC repairs is due to a dirty air filter. You can get ahead of any damages associated with filter build-up by checking the filter once a month. The best way to stay on top of your air filter is to replace it at least once every month.

Check and Clean the Condenser

The air conditioning condenser is made up of many parts. All of which work together to cool down and condense refrigerant vapor into liquid. This is the part of your HVAC system that works to cool and warm your house. Making sure that it is regularly checked will help the longevity of the condenser and save you money on repairs. Make sure that your outside ac unit is free of debris on the top and sides. One way to clean your outside ac unit is to take your garden hose and get between the crevices to remove any dirt.

Invest in a Smart AC Controller

Switching your ac to a smart ac will not only help you keep your HVAC system in check, but it can save you money on your energy bill. The smart ac, or smart ac controller, can give you access to features that would be helpful to preventative maintenance. Some of these features include tracking your usage history and letting you know when your ac might need to be checked for cleaning. These are just some of the many helpful features that come with investing in a smart ac controller.

Annual Professional Check-Ups

There are many ways you can prevent repairs to your HVAC system. But, one of the best ways is to have it professionally checked at least once a year. Getting your ac checked and maintained by professionals will ensure that it is working at its optimal capacity for when you need it the most. We recommend getting it checked before the heaviest seasons like summer and winter. Whatever your needs, Quarter Moon Plumbing & AC can provide exceptional service and make sure your HVAC systems are running properly. Call us today at (210) 651-5899.