Tips to Lower your AC Bill

Tips on how to Lower Your AC Bill This Summer in this San Antonio, Texas Heat

Here in South Texas, we’ve been experiencing extreme summer heat that has us facing consecutive days of triple-digit temperatures. While you might instinctively think to crank up that AC to combat the heat, it might lead to bigger issues if not watched over carefully. Here are some tips from Quarter Moon Plumbing & AC!

  • Lower the temperature inside your home to 72-73 degrees during the evenings and overnight, and raise your thermostat to 75-76 during the day when no one is home. In this way, you can cool the temperature down inside your home while people are present and the residual cool air from overnight can keep your home cool during the day.


  • If you can, minimize the number of times you use your oven, stove, or heat dry cycle on your dryer. These things can generate unnecessary heat inside your home.


  • Close doors to unused rooms without vents, such as closets, pantries, and other areas, but keep all your vents open. By opening the vents, you will reduce pressure, heat buildup, and an imbalance of air circulation.


  • Blackout curtains are a great way to keep the heat and light from outside from entering your home.


  • At the very least, go check your filters. Fresh clean filters allow more cool air to flow unobstructed. If the filters are only a little bit dirty, put fresh ones in now for this extreme heat period.

Texas is heating up! Joel gives you all the tips you need to lower your Summertime AC bills.