Where have all the plumbers gone

Where Have All The Plumbers Gone?

Plumbing is not the most sought-after career. Face it, when have you ever heard a kid say, “When I grow up I want to be a plumber?”

There’s actually a crazy high demand for plumbers as the plumbing industry is dramatically losing tradesman. This is because many current plumbers are retiring and less and fewer folks are going to trade school to fill their shoes. Sure, it’s a dirty job, but there is a side to plumbing that many aren’t aware of. There are attractions to plumbing no one seems to think about. High Demand. You’d be hard pressed to find many out of work plumbers these days. It’s a job that is always in high demand. Plumbers continuously have work to do because even in times of recession and financial hardships people need to call a professional to fix their pipes.

No College Debt

There’s also the financial benefit of avoiding college debt. While many of your friends are going to college and attempting to climb the corporate ladder in hopes of earning the big bucks; plumbing offers the opportunity to earn money here and now. While college is great, it can also be financially draining. The average student loan debt is $39,400 in 2018. So, if you’re interested in getting out in the field to start working and earning without the debt, then plumbing is a good option.

Financial Gain

You also have the opportunity to quickly gain on the job experience and start earning dollars. The moment you sign on as an apprentice you begin working on your job training (and making money). First, you will act as a Plumber’s helper, and as a helper with no prior plumbing experience, you will earn around $11-$13 an hour. During this stage, you’ll gain hours logged on the job while learning from seasoned professionals. Once completing your tradesman licensing, you can earn around $18-$20 an hour. The next step up is earning a license as a journeyman. As a journeyman, you can earn between $25-$40 an hour!

Help Others

We plumbers do diverse work (despite public perception). There is more to the world of plumbing than sewage and drainage. As a plumber you will have the opportunity to serve, assist, and contribute to the community. Our work ranges from working in folks’ homes and construction sites to working with the medical field’s nitrous gas. We work on people’s garbage disposal, bring piping up-to-code, install water heaters, work in construction, and also work with unique piping. We even impact people’s safety, helping to keep them safe from carbon monoxide.

Plumbing is not a glamorous job, but our work impacts people lives. So, if you or someone you know are a good fit for this role, get in touch with us! We’d love to get you started. At Quarter Moon we will help set you up for a career in the plumbing trade and begin making a difference in the community and in your wallet.