AC tips to beat the Texas heat

AC Tips to Beat the Texas Heat

Feeling the heat? Let us face it: The lone star state is known for its merciless heat. As we enter summer, we must do our best to prepare not only ourselves but our AC for this South Texas climate. The first thing to do is schedule an annual maintenance check with your HVAC technician, but what else can you do to prepare? Here are five effective tips to ensure your air conditioner will be ready when the triple-digit temperatures hit:

1. Inspect the filter:

The easiest and most important thing to do is to check your filters. The importance of regularly changing air filters prevents dirt from building up and restricting airflow from your AC. When you don’t change your air filters, you aren’t allowing your HVAC system to have proper airflow which can lead to bigger problems.
Less cool air flow from your vent – Imagine a relaxing hot summer day, you decide to take it easy by binge-watching your favorite Netflix show and enjoying an ice-cold beverage. Suddenly, you have no idea where the hot air starts coming from? You start cranking the AC — nothing changes. A few moments later, you decide to check the filter; all you see is a thick wall of built-up dust, realizing the issue all along was your dirty filter preventing airflow. Problem solved!

2. Don’t neglect needed repairs:

It is common to postpone certain maintenance repairs needed in the home. However, if you wait too long to acknowledge your AC needs repair, your AC will make your home and pocket pay for it! If you start to smell something funky or hear a weird noise coming from your vents, it is time to call the professionals.
Even if the problem does not appear like a big deal, it will in fact become a big deal the longer you hold off on fixing it. The last thing anyone wants is to have their AC broken in the middle of a hot summer!

3. Know your AC unit:

When was the last time you replaced your unit? How old is your AC unit? If these are questions you are asking yourself, it might be necessary to contact your HVAC experts. They will be the ones to answer any questions like the life expectancy for AC units, how old it is, and other tips it might take to ensure it is running to the best of its ability.

4. Don’t turn the dial:

We are all so tempted to continue lowering the temperature inside as they rise outside. However, a great way to conserve energy and money is to be cautious about how often you touch the dial.

1. The harder you make your AC work, the less efficiently it will be able to run; therefore, creating a bigger problem and having something go wrong with your unit. The harder your AC has to work, the higher your energy bill will be — so make sure only to increase or decrease the temperature in 1-3 degree increments.

2. Each turn on the dial, matters! Tip: If you are big into savings, a good way to be mindful of your energy bill each month is to turn the temperature up during the summer when you leave your home instead of completely turning it off. In fact, it is suggested to run your temperature up by 7-10 degrees while you are away to prevent mold and bugs, save money, and come back to a comfortable home!

5. Schedule an HVAC maintenance check:

The best thing for your AC unit is to contact a reputable company to clean and inspect your system seasonally. While you can use the rest of these tips to ensure your AC runs smoothly, no one knows AC systems as well as the professionals in the field. Quarter Moon can help recognize and diagnose potential issues before you end up with a broken unit at the hottest time of year!
If you are in the city of San Antonio or surrounding areas and need maintenance service or have questions about your AC unit — contact Quarter Moon Plumbing, A/C & Heating— we specialize in creating a stress-free experience for YOU.